Hey guys. Sorry I haven’t been able to post in a while, finals have been a pain in my BUTT. They just started today and its killing me already. Well 1 down 5 more to go-good thing I don’t have a final in study hall-.

Anyway, right now I’m reading a book called Darkness Falls. It’s starting out good, but it’s a little hard to follow. The main character is a girl named Kayla Juniper, and she has no last name. It’s pretty much one of those post-apocalyptic books that are in right now, but it’s vamps instead of zombies. And when I say vamps, I don’t mean the abomination called Edward, I’m talking about gross blood dripping from the eyes depleted skin with holes in them, the descriptions are kind of gruesome (and I know I pretty much just described a mix of a zombie and a vamp.)

In the book, there are 3 different species: the humans, vampires, and the Highers (I seriously have no idea why the author thought to call them that). As the name says, the Highers ‘rule’ the humans and ‘protect them from the vamps’ (I guess that’s why the name is like that). When Kayla and 2 others are taken and put outside of the Colony, Kayla meets a boy named Aiden who takes her to where all the Colony outcasts live.

Sorry to end right at the good part, but I’m still reading. I’s update and let you know.

Peace out girl scouts!!


I know that this is kinda late in the season (really late), but I wanted to tell you about my summer reading that I did [over the summer]. This summer, other than NOT reading my summer reading books and choice books for school, I was reading the Savage Series (this link is for the first book of the series, The Pearl Savage). It’s a pretty awesome series. The main plot is about a girl (I think her name is Clara, I can’t remember), who is a princess for a pearl kingdom (I found this really weird because it was actually the United States’ states [her’s is Ohio] divided into kingdoms that would have a specific duty, then they would trade with each other). The book opens up with Clara in her room looking out the window (It is also her birthday). She the see’s a “savage”, a person who can live outside their spheres (Yes they live in 3D circles), up close and personal. The elders chose to separate the two people, the ones with gills (gills- things fish use to breathe) and the ones without. Spoiler ALERT: The spheres are not very resistant to salt. This comes in really handy later on in the story when she escapes. Blah-blah-blah… Now we get to the good part: A prince, from the kingdom of  Kentucky, the wine kingdom, comes with his father and wants to marry Clara for her money and pearls. Clara has heard about him: he has a rep and it’s not very good. He has been known to be abusive and she knows that if she marries him, she will probably be dead. To avoid this Clara plans an escape to the outside world, but the plan is blotched when she instead is kidnapped by the Band, a group of savages that protect their clan, and is taken to meet their president, Bowen.

This is all for now. I might not continue this until later because of boredom. If you have read any of the series and I got something wrong, please comment in this so I can change it.

P.S. I’m In Love OUT -peace out peep scouts-

I know that I’m probably going against all teenage girls right now… well I can’t go against myself so… all-1, when I say I absolutely HATE the series Twilight. I don’t know why girls get  flutters when they think about the offspring of Dracula and Tinkerbell. I’ll admit it: Once I was obsessed with the series, reading all of it in 2 days (if you guys don’t believe that then too bad, I’m like Wonder Woman when it comes to reading books. Speed Reading should be a sport), but after a while of processing, it just turned BAD. I mean, how can you pull off the: “I was pregnant nine months” without your dad not noticing that your “stomach was NOT getting fat and you were NOT eating for 2 people”. Am I the only one that thinks Charlie “should have noticed that his daughter was not pregnant in his own home for 8 months, hence making it impossible for her to have been pregno”, and the worse part is he didn’t notice that her having a baby would be impossible. Sometimes I just want to  go to the author’s house and strangle them for the crap they just wrote and expected me to finish :). Don’t even get me started on the movies, that will have to wait until another blog post. Keep me updated on the books that you want a review on (if I’ve read them, which I most likely have), and your opinion on Twilight.

-PS I’m In Love OUT

P.S.- I think I got the time period right: Edward came back from Italy and the fight Victoria, about a month or two. They get engaged. They get married, [I think] two months after she graduates and Edward comes back around March or April. They get married in August with a month of  honeymooning. With only about 5 months of them being together and not seeing each other for at least 3 months, it would make a pregnancy impossible.

Hello world!

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Hey WORLD! This is my first post ever…YAY! I just wanted to tell you about my blog and what its gonna be about. Ok…! So here’s some facts about me: I’m a teen. I’m part of the weird species that likes to read but isn’t geeky. I love all types of music. I go to a prep school that pisses me off, but I weirdly like it. And my favorite genre of book is…. dramatic drumroll…. PARANORMAL ROMANCE (for teens).

So that’s me, and I just wanted to say HI and I hope you enjoy my blog!